Students studying at Rockefeller College

Studying at Princeton

大发体育网址“I came to Princeton because I wanted a liberal arts education that would enable me to pursue multiple interests rigorously and deeply. I concentrated in physics, but the courses that most shaped my intellectual life were in constitutional law, political theory and comparative literature.”

Christopher L. Eisgruber

Princeton University President, Class of 1983

Chris Eisgruber

Learning to Research and Write

Elaine Pagels teaching Freshman Seminar

Developing Your Skills

大发体育网址Independent research is a defining feature of a Most students finish their Princeton career doing original research as part of a major capstone project: an undergraduate senior thesis or a graduate dissertation. Here are some of the resources that help students get there.

  • Freshman seminars for undergraduates provide the opportunity to work closely with a professor and a small group of students on a topic of special interest.
  • prepare undergraduates for the rigors of academic research and writing.
  • supports the undergraduate research experience as an integral part of a, whether it be taking a research-based class, conducting research in the lab, pursuing independent research beyond campus, or completing your senior thesis.
  • offers free one-on-one sessions with experienced writers trained to consult on projects in any discipline. Writing Center fellows can assist undergraduate and graduate students at any stage of the writing process, and the center also holds events like boot camps for senior thesis and dissertation writing.
  • helps undergraduates learn advanced strategies to succeed in their academic work and improve their study skills. Programs for graduate students and postdoctoral scholars help them develop as scholars and teachers. 
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